So, what is this mindfulness thing anyway, and why would I want to be mindful?

Mindfulness is just being completely aware of and engaged in whatever is happening in the present moment. It is the understanding that the previous moment is already gone and the next moment hasn’t happened yet, so the present moment is all we ever have, really. It is being aware of our thoughts and feelings at any given time without becoming overwhelmed by them or attached to them.

Why not be attached? What’s so bad about that?. And didn’t I just say be engaged in whatever is happening in the moment? But being attached to someone or something is different from engaging with a person or thing. And there is also a big difference between non-attachment and detachment, as Brian Thompson, creator of www.zenthinking.net explains:

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Welcome to SereneGreenLife, glad you stopped by…
I started this blog to share ideas on being more mindful, reducing stress and living a more simple and sustainable life. I am committed to doing this in my own life, but I am also a realist – some things are easier to change than others – and I don’t beat myself up because I occasionally forget my re-usable grocery bags or because sometimes I am not as mindful as I would like to be. I accept that I’m a work in progress, and that helps me to continue this journey.

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